Divorce Attorney Serving St. Paul, Minnesota

I am Patrice Rico, a divorce attorney with 30 years of experience practicing in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding counties; handling cases in divorce and family law. My services range from assisting with amicable settlements, to handling contentious litigation over issues such as spousal support (also called “spousal maintenance”), asset and property divisions and custody trials.

I bring a thorough knowledge of Minnesota statutes and case law. I am an experienced litigator and savvy negotiator focused on providing client–centered results. I listen with compassion to my clients’ problems, and help them achieve a resolution that meets their goals and prepares them for life after divorce.

“Ms. Rico helped me to negotiate a settlement that would provide a better foundation for my children and me. I will be forever grateful to her for her advice.”
CH — White Bear Lake, Ramsey County

Amicable Divorce Settlements

Often a divorcing couple will have worked out a settlement in advance and need a lawyer to help finalize their agreement. My process helps to ensure that the settlement is drafted in accordance with the law and deemed acceptable to the court.

Disputed Divorce Claims

Sometimes, couples cannot reach mutual agreements, and the case can only come to a resolution after the hard work of litigation. In extreme cases, this can involve a trial before a judge. I have represented many clients in court, including overturning divorce decrees through the appeals process.

Because this kind of litigation can become expensive quickly, I make it a priority in those cases where settlement is not achieved through direct negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, to use my best efforts to minimize such litigation to the greatest possible extent — without compromising my client’s best interest.

If you need a divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the surrounding areas, contact my office today and we will schedule a free initial consultation.