Minneapolis–St. Paul Child Custody Attorney

Uncertainty about child custody and paternity usually summons deeply felt emotions from both parties in a dispute. Very few areas of the law approach a level of personal significance comparable to the rights and duties associated with raising children.

I understand how important your children are to you, and how crucial it will be to find a parenting arrangement that serves their best long–term interest. I will listen to your goals, and with my knowledge, honestly assess your chances of achieving them. I will work with you to create a realistic strategy to achieve the outcome that works best for you and your children.

“Working with Patrice has been the greatest experience of my legal journey. She far exceeds any expectations for legal services… Patrice has been a blessing to the well–being of myself and my kids… Any chance I get to recommend her I do so with the greatest confidence and reassurance to the new client…”
JL — Bloomington, Hennepin County

I am Patrice Rico, a child custody attorney with 30 years of experience handling the full range of child custody issues. This includes:

  • physical custody and legal custody
  • sole custody and joint custody
  • parenting time and schedules — issues and disputes
  • establishment and modification of parenting plans

I represent mothers and fathers, and I have extensive experience with grandparent rights and third-party custody issues as well.

Establishing Paternity

Before a father can have any legal right or obligation to see or support his child, paternity must be established. I handle both sides of this issue: I represent fathers who want to support their children and want the legal right to child custody, parenting time and visitation; and I represent mothers who need to establish paternity before asking the court to order child support.

In every case, it is important for parents to remember that a custody order often serves as a blueprint, leaving room for flexibility and creativity to accommodate the needs of both parents as well as the children.

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