Minneapolis — St. Paul Child Support Attorney

I am child support attorney Patrice Rico. With 30 years of experience handling family law and child support issues in the Twin Cities metro area, I can give knowledgeable advice regarding all aspects of child support.

I provide guidance and knowledgeable representation on issues ranging from the initial income calculation required for child support calculations, to modifications, to enforcement and collection strategies that may include child support contempt proceedings for chronic violators.

Factors involved in the calculation of child support are both parents’ incomes, dependent medical and dental insurance costs, child care expenses, spousal maintenance, social security benefits received by children, non–joint children and their child support and any medical assistance received. I work with you to ensure that all factors have been considered in you agreement. Any agreement will need to be approved by a court.

“I was prepared to accept a settlement that was substantially less than that to which I was legally entitled… Ms. Rico strongly cautioned me against accepting the terms of the agreement… I will be forever grateful to her for her advice.”
CH — White Bear Lake, Ramsey County

Child Support Modifications

Once a child support order is in place, it can generally only be modified if there has been a significant, financial change in circumstances of either parent or in the child’s needs. Usually this means that one of the parents experiences a change in income, or some new expense arises. Every situation is different and not every change gives rise to a modification.

If you have questions and need to speak with a child support lawyer, contact my office today to schedule a 30 minute free consultation. I will listen to your story and help create a plan to achieve your goals.