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I am Patrice Rico, a family law attorney with 30 years of experience serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater metro area. I provide knowledgeable, compassionate, affordable service. If you are facing issues with divorce, child support or custody and need a lawyer, call 651.222.6163 or contact my office online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Just when I thought there was no hope… I had the great fortune of being referred to Ms. Rico by an attorney who gave free counsel to fathers. From my first consultation with Ms. Rico, I felt her compassion, understanding and kindness, and yet she did not hesitate to ask the tough questions or mislead me with false hope. She gave it to me straight and told me that the odds might be insurmountable.
I was seeking custody of my children in Anoka County, a county known for placing children almost exclusively with their mothers. In the courtroom, Ms. Rico was well prepared, confident, and passionate in her masterful knowledge of the law. She fought for the results that were not only in my best interests, but more importantly, in the best interests of my children.
Though it was a difficult and drawn-out process, I was granted custody of my children. Ms. Rico’s encouragement, patience and confidence sustained me through that time, and I can never thank her enough.”
JH — Ham Lake, Anoka County
Helped me to negotiate a settlement… I asked her to review a marital termination agreement that was prepared by my husband’s attorney. I was prepared to accept a settlement that was substantially less than what I was legally entitled to because I was much younger than my husband and felt that I had more time to recover financially from the divorce.
Ms. Rico strongly cautioned me against accepting the terms of the agreement, and helped me to negotiate a settlement that would provide a better foundation for my children and me. Looking back, it was not as easy as I thought it would be to recover and I will be forever grateful to her for her advice.”
CH — White Bear Lake, Ramsey County
First my attorney and then my friend… When I first went to Patrice for my divorce, I was afraid and very intimidated by what I was going through. Patrice made me feel safe, comfortable and also gave me confidence in what I was going to be going through. My divorce was far from simple; it was complicated and contentious all of the time. This did not deter Patrice she just worked harder to obtain our goals. I found Patrice willing to listen to all my issues and give me sound suggestions and resolutions as soon as possible.
At all times, I have found Patrice to be dependable, reliable and courteous. I found Patrice to be very knowledgeable in family law, honest, trustworthy and sympathetic. Patrice is an attorney I can go to anytime and she will guide and help me as needed. Patrice has exceptional character and I would recommend her to anyone needing legal counsel in family law. She has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you for all your help.”
PP — Oakdale, Washington County
Extremely supportive… A friend of mine suggested Patrice for my divorce attorney. My friend said that she could be ferocious. My husband at the time had hired an attorney who was on the top 100 of MN list. The other lawyer was extremely good. But my lawyer was better. I think the other lawyer was even annoyed by how well I was represented. I definitely felt like I “won”. Patrice also made the whole 18 month + ordeal much more bearable. She was extremely supportive, she seemed to know when to encourage gently and when to push. I would highly recommend Patrice to anyone who needs a great family lawyer.”
KG — Afton, Washington County
Exceeds any expectations… Working with Patrice has been the greatest experience of my legal journey. She far exceeds any expectations for legal services. From both a personal and professional standpoint, Patrice addresses every issue with the greatest concern. She is always willing to go above and beyond. My reason for retaining Patrice was a custody matter involving the out of state move requested by my ex for our children. The case went on for just over 2 years and had a lot of ups and downs. But Patrice was always there to lend advice and comfort in the entire case. Always reassuring me that it will get solved. Finally, when the case reached the end I was granted full custody of my kids.
Patrice has been a blessing to the well–being of myself and my kids. She is great. Any chance I get to recommend her I do so with the greatest confidence and reassurance to the new client. Thank you again, Patrice, you are an Angel!”
JL — Bloomington, Hennepin County
Protected, encouraged and enlightened our family… Patrice Rico is known in the neighborhood as an honest and firm family lawyer. Her reputation is what prompted our family to seek her out in our time of distress. During our first consultation, I became comfortable enough to open up completely about our family’s affairs. I will always respect and appreciate her professional intelligence and especially her non-judgemental attitude. Patrice listened to us. We feel she understood our concerns and expressed them on our behalf, based on our decisions. Her advice has always protected, encouraged and enlightened our family. Thank you, Patrice!”
DLS — Wyoming, Chisago County
Knowledge and perseverance… Patrice Rico was referred to me through a client of mine, she came highly recommended and was absolutely wonderful from our first phone conversation to the finalization of my Divorce! Patrice Rico was an extremely competent representative for me in my very lengthy and complicated divorce. Patrice's knowledge and perseverance is remarkable, She truly cares about her clients not only as a professional but also on a personal level. I am so grateful for her and her services. Thank you, Patrice!”
JW — White Bear Lake, Ramsey County
Helped our family navigate this complex system… We have been fortunate to have Patrice Rico represent us in the area of Family Law. We have a family comprised of children who spend time between two houses and between two states. We have had various needs in the area of child support. We have had many obstacles in the legal system. Without Patrice's legal advice and representation, we would surely be in a much harsher financial situation. She has helped our family navigate this complex system in a respectful and timely manner. Hiring Patrice to represent us meant also that we were letting a professional into our personal lives. We could not be happier to see how she handled that with kindness and grace. We definitely recommend Patrice’s legal services and could not be more pleased.”
MD — Minnetonka, Hennepin County
Professional knowledge, kind attitude… After many years of confiding in Patrice, we are very satisfied with her professional knowledge, kind attitude and the firm and insistent stance she has portrayed for our family. She offered a payment plan specialized for our financial situation, making it very possible to retain her on short notice. We look forward to continuing our relationship with her.
DS — St. Paul, Ramsey County