St. Paul Grandparent Rights & 3rd-Party Custody Attorney

Biological and legal parents are not the only ones with rights under Minnesota’s custody laws. If you are a grandparent of a child, a family member, or a “de facto custodian” with a special relationship to a child, you may need to protect or establish visitation or custody rights.

As an attorney with 30 years’ experience handling family law in St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding counties, I can help you exercise those rights to the fullest. Many of my clients have genuine fears about the well–being of a child due to issues in the child–s home or with the child–s parents. Many others simply want the chance to be part of the child’s life. Schedule a free consultation today and we can start outlining a strategy to help meet your goals.

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Am I Entitled to Third Party Custody?

The answer to that question can be only be found by examining the specifics of your case and seeing how they are affected by Minnesota’s child custody laws. A number of factors come into play:

  • Are you related to the child?
  • Have you spent several months or years caring for the child?
  • Do you qualify as a de facto custodian?
  • Is the child in danger of abuse or neglect?

If you have questions about grandmother’s or grandfather’s rights or believe you need to make a third party custody claim, I can help. Call 651.222.6163 today.